MyWay is affordable

Not having a degree can be costly, but getting one shouldn't be. With MyWay, we want to make finishing your education more accessible, and that starts with making it more affordable.

Each 6-month subscription costs only $3,000 - and that's it. There are no hidden costs or fees. All textbooks, tutoring, and access to faculty and coaches are included in your price so that you can focus on learning. We even offer full or monthly payment plans to help you budget.

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Financial Aid Options

In addition to monthly payment plans, we are also able to offer federal financial aid for MyWay at UMHB! This type of aid includes Pell Grants, some Federal Student Loans, VA benefits, and tuition assistance for active-duty military. To find out what type of aid might be available, what you qualify for, and how to apply for it, check out the menu on the left-hand side of this page. 


"As an interested party in the program, I am thrilled because it provides an opportunity that will not be overly expensive and, even more attractive to me, will not be as demanding time-wise because of the ability to move at one’s own pace.” Priscilla F.